16 Oct 2010

Workshops, 16 october 2010

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We are most grateful to all those who make this event possible by giving their time without payment.

209.00-10.30Rise Up SingingVH
409.00-10.30Cuban/Arabic FusionVH
509.00-10.30Jazz / Street DanceVH
609.00-10.30Dru YogaVH
711.00-12.30North West MorrisMC
811.00-12.30Relax with EFTMC
911.00-12.30Movement & ImaginationMC
1011.00-12.30Body MovesRC
1111.00-12.30Classic Belly DanceRC
1211.00-12.30Argentinian TangoVH
1411.00-12.30Strictly Come DancingVH
1511.00-12.30Classical Indian DanceVH
1611.00-12.30Disco / Street DanceVH
1711.00-12.30Israeli Line & Circle DanceVH
1813.00-14.30Scottish & Ceilidh DanceMC
1913.00-14.30Soul 2 FeetMC
2013.00-14.30Sing For FunMC
2113.00-14.30Egyptian Belly DanceRC
2213.00-14.30Dance & DramaRC
2313.00-14.30Klezmer DanceVH
2413.00-14.30Regency DanceVH
2513.00-14.30Nia DanceVH
2613.00-14.30Gypsy Rom Circle DanceVH
2713.00-14.30Party Dances & JazzVH
2915.00-16.30Balboa / BalswingMC
3015.00-16.30Sing & SwingMC
3115.00-16.30Tribal Belly DanceMC
3215.00-16.30Family Story TellingRC
3315.00-16.30International Folk DancesRC
3415.00-16.30Lancashire ClogVH
3515.00-16.30Salsa - BeginnersVH
3615.00-16.30Flamenco RhythmsVH
3715.00-16.30Showtime RoutinesVH
3815.00-16.30Brazilian Orissa DanceVH
3915.00-16.30Poi & Ribbon TwirlingVH
4017.00-18.30Woody 'n YouMC
4117.00-18.30French & Breton DanceMC
4217.00-18.30Actually, we are amused!MC
4317.00-18.30Jazz it Up (Belly Dance)MC
4417.00-18.30Line DanceVH
4517.00-18.30Flamenco - ImproversVH

Refreshments (drinks, snacks and meals) will be on sale all day until 7pm.

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